29 December 2015

The Mark of Cain - PART II

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Part II...

Eve was outside for some little reason. May be she was combing her hair for the dinner-do. May be she was looking for some flowers to add to her hair for the super-supper. Whatever... she was out.

In the glowing orange dusk of the setting sun, at the rim of the horizon, silhouetted by the aura, there was an energetic creature, walking towards home, with a stick in hand, curly locks blazing like gold. Around his neck, a nice little lamb. Mmmeh! Mmmeh! The homecoming bleat of the sheep.

'Adam, CAIN... Abel!!!'  She squealed breathlessly, unable to contain her excitement. Son comes home... as the sun went slowly down. Cain looked on. First at Adam, then at Abel and then... at the flat top of the rock in the distance. The offer remained untouched.

'Cain! You've been untruthful!' He heard a voice. Only he heart id. He was worried. The Voice could have been God's!

Meanwhile, laughter ringing around him drew his attention back to his family.

That night there was laughter and more laughter. That night there was bonfire. The fire crackled. As they all ate and chewed the juicy meat, a new fire started burning. Cain did not like all the attention Abel was getting. Cain remembered the grains untouched by God. Cain remembered the fat sheep that God accepted. Cain gazed at Abel. He was starting to feel jealous of Abel.

The next morning the sun rose. It was going to be another hot day, a very hard day for Cain. Abel? Oh, he was on a holiday. An idea struck Cain. 'Abel! Would you like to come with me to the fields today?'

They set out together. While they were there, when Abel was not aware, Cain took a big stone and hit him from the back, on his head. Abel looked up surprised. A few seconds. Then his head lolled down, he slumped. Abel died. He lay there in a pool of blood.

Cain realised what had happened, realised what he had done: murder. He had committed Fratricide. He had killed his own brother. 'Oh, my God! My God! What have I done? In my jealousy, I have killed my own brother!'  He moaned. He tried to quickly dig a big hole and bury the body so that nobody would ever know. But... GOD KNOWS! He always knows. He watches us all. He must have watched this. The sun suddenly grew hotter, there was suddenly a heavy wind. It started as a thing wisp of rolling sand under Cain's feet... grew in noise and beat heavily. A little sandstorm brew. Sand swirled and Cain was tossed from side to side. Cain was pushed forward and backward. As he fought to control himself, sand got into his eyes, his hair, his face. He fought to wipe them away. As he touched his forehead, he felt something strange. He fought his way to the little stream and caught a quick glimpse of himself in the rippling water. It was a very small pool. Still, he could see himself. There!

There on his forehead was a mark. A starry mark. 'This will remind you of your shameful act, Cain! Your brother's murderer. In a way, it will also protect you. People who see you will know you to leave you alone!' He heard that invisible voice. 'Oh, God! Oh, God! What shall I do now?'Cain knelt on the ground and lifted his face and eyes upwards to heaven.

'Flee you must! From now on, you will be a wandering soul. You are no man. You acted in a moment of madness and jealousy. You shall become homeless. A wandering nomad!' The voice hissed in his ears icily. And then there was chaos and swirling dust and storm. When it eventually cleared later... Cain was left in the middle of nowhere, in a sandy desert. Thus his descendents too became homeless, wandering nomads.

* * * * * 

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