19 January 2020

CALLING THE COWS Home - Mohan Narayanan

The book by Mohan Narayanan, his 7th work of fiction, is definitely worth a read. The premise is based on the Latin phrase that means You Become What You Eat.

What is interesting is the way he weaves his narrative: of course, Mr. Narayanan is known for interweaving of myths and legends across cultures. His Payyoli Quartet (The Payyoli Pendant, The Payyoli Draupnir, The Payyoli Trident and The Payyoli Nine) is ample testimony of the fact. He is also known for his meticulous research based factual observations on scientific phenomenal influence on society at the crossroads of religious beliefs and inexplicable real time occurrences (as can be evinced in the abovementioned as well as his Austin Colours). 

In this work all these are present. As well as how the past always bites back, finds its way to remind you of both good and bad done, of his belief in the Hindu concept of Karmic cycle (which was one of the stronger underlying themes of his previous two standalone fiction: Austin Colours & Cut). However, what stands out is how all these combine within the space of a novella.

I'm not going to spill the story of Calling The Cows or its sensational ending, all of which makes for a terrific magical realistic movie potential in the same vein as say The Life of Pi. Suffice it to say, when the pipe is played, the speakers are turned on, when the calling starts and the cows start flying home... it gets visceral, you might as well be sitting in an IMAX, wearing 3D glasses, seeing the horns graze past your cheek, as they rush past you! 

A great, quick read if you just decide to travel, say by an ICE from Berlin to Amsterdam or Munich to Paris Nord or Kobnhavn to Hamburg. It could well be a Shatabdi from Chennai to Bengaluru too. That is, if you set aside the nagging little proofing errors in spellings, which in this case, as compared to a lot of publications out there, are only by the fingers.

On board, whistle, get your coffee and call the cows now home either as hard copy or via Kindle! Bon Voyage!!