25 February 2009


YES... YES... YES!!! Mohan's book is finally in the market.

So... now that the cat is out of the bag... since my last post - almost 10 months back... what is it really about? READ ON!

From the publisher's pages... THE PAYYOLI PENDANT

Set against the stunning backdrop of Kerala on the southwest coast of India and the magnificence of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, The Payyoli Pendant merges modern-day technology with ancient, tantric practices.

A precious diamond pendant adoring the brass idol of the Goddess Devi of the Payyoli Temple is the object of possession for the head priest, Varadaraja Bhattar and his nemesis, the Prasnam Namboodiri. The large-sized diamond and the idol, both now with a young girl, Harani, and her cousin, Manikkam, are the embodiments of none less than God Shiva and his consort Devi. Together, they form the all powerful Shiva-Shakti combination which regulates the Universe and must be safeguarded at all costs.

And then, what happens? ... You can further blurb yourselves here... THE PAYYOLI PENDANT - a Techno-tantric Tale, by Mohan Narayanan and perhaps buy it from there as well... as it's unlikely the listing on Barnes & Nobles or Amazon would be up within the next week or ten days. Or you can always fly to NYC and get signed copies of the book from Mohan himself (purchase purchase....) at the Publisher's Stand at the NEW YORK BOOK FAIR 2009 between 28th to 31st May 2009. That way, you can also escape the CHENNAI SUMMER!

Until further shortly... if you happen to know Mohan... just drop him a line and wish him!